One book, two editions, same awesome recipes

September 8, 2019

My book “The Secret is in the Sauce: Cookbook for Noncooks” was published in 1996. I was encouraged by close friends and family to share my love of food and recipes to a wider audience.

10 years later we updated the layout so it sits better on your kitchen counter as you cook or bake along.

Fast forward 13 more years and I’ve gone digital to reach a global audience on social media, web and even video! Now my recipes, my love of all things tasty, and my joy of teaching gets out there faster and farther. I have readers from Israel and Tonga!

We truly live in exciting times and I’m just as excited to share more recipes plus updates to old favorites. So follow, share, like, subscribe… all these things that my team is telling me to tell all of you.

Thank you for your lovely comments; I feel the love. ❤ Until the next post!


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